Thursday, September 6, 2007


-Teeth are definitely your most high maintenance bone.

-A bureau is what rich people call a dresser.

-A baby with a phone can get a lot done...making contacts, keeping her people on task, etc.

-At Chevron, when they say "hi", they mean it.

-Friends are a dime a dozen, but associates are hard to come by.


Richard said...

Two posts within 15 mintues of each other. And while at work no less. Face it, you're only one day into this thing and you're already a blogging addict.

I need to show you how to post pictures. It's super easy.

jill said...

I am jasons wife and i have a thing or two to say about the "apex megadominion pearl destroyer"

she was sea worthy , among other great qualities.
she had a lot of spunk , love for life, and small forest creatures.

and while you may read that sentence thinking im trying to sound funny, im not---they are all true.
starting with the love for life.
that car would not die!!! she just wouldnt accept the reality that she was too old for this world. and she is still alive in someones driveway.
her spunk----nothing like a little hydraulics while driving on the freeway. luckily, people in oregon dont drive faster than 50 on the freeway----so i could bridle her spunk a little.

and the forest creatures. we have a lot of them in our neighborhood, and the apex's steering wheel was a little off. as i would be driving, trying to hit a pesty squirrel, her steering wheel would always swerve --at just the right moments.

thats all